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    Anchor Lamps

Ship's Anchor Lantern

Solid copper and brass ships anchor oil lantern 13" Tall with heavy glass Fresnel lens. Our most popular ship's oil lamp. The night marker at the top of the center masthead.

Add the electric light kit for safer indoor use.

Price: $124.95 - $95.95

Ship's Look-Out Lamp

Solid copper and brass ships "Look-Out" oil lantern 13" Tall with heavy glass "Fresnel" lens. Can be wall mounted or hanged from mast or ceiling. Good for use as a stern marker or masthead light.


Price: $122.95

Copper Anchor Lantern

Solid heavy gage copper traditional style oil burning and electric anchor lantern.  High quality solid copper Anchor Lantern in the traditional double bail style. Lamp opens at the top for access to the lamp inside.
-Temp Out of Stock-

Size: 16.5 x 7"

Price: $259.95

Item: CO1524


Item: CO1525


Item: L-091A


Brass Cargo Lantern

Solid brass Cargo Lantern with heavy glass sides. The Cargo lantern would be used to light cargo areas and other lower parts of sailing and steam ships.  Great lantern for deck,patio or your boat.

Size: 15" tall with bail down.

Price:  $249.95

Chief Lantern

Solid Brass Chief oil lantern. High quality brass construction with glass panes and wire cage. Opens from the front for easy access. The Chief lantern on sail and steamships for hundreds of years.
Measures: 15" tall

Price: $249.95

Brass Anchor Lantern

Highly polished solid brass anchor lantern with heavy "Fresnel" lens. Factory coated for lasting shine and has electric light kit installed.  Great piece for any nautical decor land or sea. 

Size: 14.5" Tall with bail down

Sale: $249.95

Item: BR-04552

Item: BR-0522

Item: BL-817-14

Copper Very Large Anchor Lamp

Solid copper very large ship's anchor oil lantern 20" Tall with heavy glass Fresnel lens and brass trim. Finally back in stock after 5 years. One of our most popular ship's lamps.

Add the electric light kit for safer indoor use.

-Temp Out of Stock-

Brass Medium Cargo Lamp

Solid brass medium size cargo lamp. Styled after square cargo lamps used on sailing ships world-wide before electric light was available. Special fall purchase.
Size:  10"

Temp Out of Stock-  

Price:   $89.95

Steel Signal/Search Light

Classic WWII style ships signal / search light. Replica of the well known convoy signal/search light on a hardwood tripod. Complete with a shielded 110v light for a great nautical floor lamp.
Size: 70" tall

Price: $359.95

Item: CO1526

Item: BR-1452

Item: BR49001


  Navigation Lamps

Solid Brass Port & Starboard Ship's Lamps

Solid brass ships side navigation marker lamps, set of two. Authentic style ships oil lamps with red and green lenses. Can be easily converted to electric light.

Measures 12"Tall with handle down.
Sale:  $59.95 

Solid Copper Port & Starboard Ship's Lamps

Solid copper ships side navigation marker lamps set of two. Authentic style ships oil lamps with red and green lenses. Can be easily converted to electric light. 
Size: 12" tall with handle down.

Price:  $89.95
Set of 2

Solid Copper Large Port & Starboard Ships Lamps

Solid copper large ships navigational "Port" and "Starboard" oil lanterns with Red and Green Lenses and authentic oil burners. Can be easily converted to electric light. 

Size: 17" Tall
Set of 2

Price: $159.95

Item: BR1527-1


Item: CO1527-1


Item: CO1528-1


Antique Copper Finish Port & Starboard Ship's Lamps

Antique Copper finish iron ship's side navigation marker lamps. Set of two. ship's navigation oil lanterns with heavy glass red & green lens. Can be easily converted to electric light. Size: 12"Tall 

Price: $49.95 / Pair

Antique Brass Finish Port & Starboard Ship's Lamps

Antique Brass finish iron ship's side marker navigation oil lamps - set of two. Now factory coated to prevent rusting. Heavy glass red & green lenses. Can be easily converted to electric light.
12" Tall 

Price: $49.95 / Pair

Antique Finish Large Red & Green Ship Lamps

Antique look larger size iron Port (Red) and Starboard (Green) large size ship navigation oil burning lamps - Add electric light kit for indoor use.  Measures 17" tall

Price: $99.95 - Set of 2

Item: L-035

Item: L-045

Item: IR1528-1

   General Purpose Ship's Lamps

Solid Brass General Marine Lantern

A Solid Brass clear lens oil lantern used to light cabins, cargo-holds and general purpose lighting on many sailing vessels.

Measures 10.5" Tall, not including handle. Easily converted to electric for safer use.

Price: $129.95

Solid Brass Cargo Lantern

Solid polished brass factory coated cargo lantern.  Has glass panes and hand-blown chimney The consummate piece for every nautical decor. Easily converted to electric.

Measures 10.5" Tall

Available in 3 sizes.

Price: $136.95

Solid Copper Cargo Lantern

Solid Copper Lantern styled after lamps used on sailing ships for centuries. Copper is the material of choice at sea. It does not rust in the salt air. Easily converted to electric.

Size: 15" tall
Price: $259.95

Item: BL-839

Item: BL-836-10

Item: CO-0452

Solid Brass Clipper Ship Lantern

Finely crafted clipper ship lantern bears a name plate that says "Cutty Sark" after the famous fast British Clipper. Easily converted to electric. Great indoors or outside.

Size: 15" x 7"

-  Out of Stock -
Price: $179.95

Solid Brass Norwegian Anchor Lantern

Solid Brass Norwegian style anchor lantern with distinctive top design. Styled after ships lanterns of the Norwegian Naval and fishing vessels. Easily converted to electric.

Size: 11.5" tall
Price: $149.95

Solid Brass Captain's Cabin Oil Lamp

Solid Brass oil lamp with glass shade.  One of the oldest style lamps in the world. A real working oil lamp for the captain's table. Great for emergency lighting & decoration
Temp Out of Stock

Measures 16" Tall

Price: $42.95

Item: LM-127A

Item: BR-3506

Item: BR15351

   Cabin and Inside Lamps

Solid Brass Lighthouse Oil Lantern 

One of our most popular nautical lanterns. The 5 Fresnel lens Lighthouse Lantern. Made of sheet brass with 5 heavy Fresnel lenses. Easily converted to electric light. Size: 17" tall

-  Out of Stock -

Price:  $139.95

Antique Finish Lighthouse Lantern

Heavy antique brass plating over steel. The Lighthouse Oil Lamp is the same as the brass model. Has 5 heavy glass Fresnel lenses. Easily converted to electric
Size: 17" tall

Price: $129.95

Solid Brass
Cabin Lamp

The classic reproduction of a standard cabin lamp used aboard sailing vessels before the use of electric light.
Size: 10.5" tall.
Price: $69.95

Item: BR-15294


Item: L-040


Item: BR15279


Solid Brass Bulkhead Cage Lamp

Standard lighting for most ships and yachts.  Solid brass frame protects the glass lens. Comes with 110v lighting fixture.  Great for any nautical or rough environment. 
Size: 8" x 4.75"

Price: $149.95

Old Style Bulkhead Oil Lamp

Solid brass oil burning bulkhead lamp. Common lighting for every ship's wall (bulkhead) or cabin before electric light on
 Out of Stock -
Size: 3.5" x 9.5" tall.
Price: $89.95

Electric Light Kit

We can also install an electric light kit for you if you do not wish to burn oil in your lamp. A much cleaner and safer way to enjoy your brass of copper ship's lamp.
Price: 9.95

Item: BL-861

Item: L-063A

Item: EL-01


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