Our latest addition to our line of fine items for galley or kitchen.

Nautical Heritage Enameled Tableware made in the timely tradition of backed enamel over a steel alloy.

Everyone's grandmother had sets just like this.

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Nautical Heritage Enamel Tableware


Crab Potting on the Chesapeake
By John M. Barber

Maritime Heritage Table Bucket
Nautical theme pail for ice or to keep beer or soda cold perhaps. Has many uses. Heavy enameled finish over metal alloy.

Size: 10-1/2"w x 8-1/

Price:  $29.95

Table Pail
Ice Bucket

Solid Brass Name Plates on Mahogany Bases

Solid brass "Captain's Quarters", Crew's Quarters" and "Welcome Aboard" brass nameplates on solid mahogany bases.  A must for every serious nautical decor. Click image.
13-3/4" x 3" tall.
Price:  $32.95

Cobalt Blue
Ceramic Mug

Perhaps the First Mates ceramic coffee mug in non-tipping design. Has a spill-proof cap and non-skid bottom pad.
Size: 4-3/4" x 4-3/4"
16 oz.

Microwave safe.

Price:  $10.95

Captain's Coffee
Ceramic Mug

There can only be ONE on the boat. Captain's ceramic coffee mug in non-tipping design. Has spill-proof cap and non-skid pad.  Size: 4-3/4" x 4-3/4" - 16 oz.
Microwave safe.

Price:  $10.95

Item: BP-715AW

Item: GW-5904

Item: GW-5905



Sailing Ship Bookends

Excellent for every nautical decor.  Ship is a detailed fully rigged Brig with aft mizzen mast sail. Our model sailing ship has cloth sails on hardwood base with brass trim.

Size: 12"x 8.5" 

Price: $49.95

Candle Lantern

Shine a light into the night for a very decorative glow. White wood lighthouse candle lamp with glass panels and metal top. Great addition to any nautical or coastal decor.
Measures: 12.5" tall

Price: $28.95

Rum Locker Candle Lamp

Metal candle lamp with glass panes and a large handle. Every ship has a Rum Locker where the spirits are kept and requires a lamp to see when getting a fresh bottle.
Size: 10.5" tall with handle down.
Price: $24.95

Item: RD-1297

Item: RD-5961

Item: RD-3773

Copper Diver's Helmet Clock

MK-V Diver's Helmet Clock is made of high quality pure copper with solid brass trim.  The clock is a precision battery operated quartz movement with traditional Roman Numerals.
Size: 9" Tall
Price: $99.95

Nickel Oval Porthole
Mirror -10" x 14"

Heavy aluminum oval porthole mirror with heavy shiny nickel chrome finish. Heavy mirror glass with aluminum fittings and dogs.

Size: 10" x 14" Wide

Sale: $59.95 

Chrome Rectangle Porthole
Mirror -17" x 13.5"

Very Heavy aluminum rectangle porthole mirror with heavy  chrome finish. Heavy mirror glass with aluminum fittings and dogs.
Size: 17" x 13.5"


Price:  $159.95

Item: CO-5265

Item: AL-48602M

Item: MAL-202

Red, White & Blue Sailboats

Red, White & blue Sailboat Lamps

Another Robin's Dockside Shop exclusive. Made in our own shop. Finely detailed hand made sailboat models made into great small table lamps.
Sailboats are made of hard and soft woods with cloth sails on a white pine wood base with brass electrical parts and inline switch.
Buy the set or individually.

Size: 24-1/2"tall
Item: MD-380L-Set
Price: $52.95 ea.
Price: $99.94 - Set

Ship's Wheel Anchor Lamp
End Table

Made Exclusively for Robin's Dockside Shop.
Solid teak 24" ships wheel with brass hub set on a solid mahogany frame with a our Solid Copper Traditional Anchor Lamp make up a priceless very nautical end table. 
Table is hand made in the USA of solid mahogany by a local nautical craftsman. 
: 22.5" t x 24" w.
Item: SH8763-C817

Sale: $549.95 - $499.95

   Ship's Lamps

Antique Copper Finish
Port & Starboard Lamps

Classic antique copper navigation oil lamps that are replicas of lamps required on all vessels that are underway (moving) at night.

Lamps are coated in an antique copper finish over iron.

Measures: 12" tall.

Price: $49.95 - Set of Two.

Solid Brass Norwegian Anchor Lamp

Finally !!!  Back in stock. Solid Brass Norwegian style Anchor Lamp.
High quality brass lamp with heavy Fresnel lens.

Styled after lamps used by Norwegian sailors and fishing vessels.
Size: 11.5" Tall
Price:  $139.95

Solid Copper Anchor Lantern w/t Light

Solid Copper Ship's Anchor Lantern. With 25w Electric Light Kit installed. The night marker for ships and boats at night. Hand machined heavy solid copper with brass trim with Fresnel lens.

Size: 13"

Sale: $99.95

Item: L-035

Item: BR-3506

Item: CO-1524

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Solid Brass Bollard Hooks - Large


Solid polished brass Bollard Hooks. Great hooks for coat or towels,

Bollards are used on most work boats or work boat moorings to tie the ropes around.
Not recommended for marine use.
Size: 6" long x 4" high.

Price: $32.95

Anchor Lantern Table Lamp

Solid Copper Ship's Anchor Lantern on a solid Mahogany base. Three (3) position switch allows for Anchor Lamp or top lamp to be turned separately or together. Measures 26" tall. Made in our own shop.

Free Shipping-

Price:  $245.95

Look-Out Lantern Table Lamp

Our very own creation. Solid Copper Look-Out Lamp mounted on a solid mahogany base with 3 position table lamp socket. Hand made by our craftsmen in the U.S.A.
Size: 26" tall
Free Shipping-

Sale: $245.95

Item: MB-1258

Item: CO-1524-TL

Item: CO1525-TL

Crew Candle Lantern

Iron square candle lantern used by most crew members on every ship afloat.  Four glass sides and metal protectors for the glass. Great Fall display lantern. Shipped with one Tea-Light candle.

Size: 8" (12" with handle)

Price:  $12.95 

Bluenose Schooner Table Lamp

Bluenose model schooner table lamp. Hand made model with cloth sails and cotton rigging on a solid rosewood base with rectangular fabric shade. Great table lamp at home or aboard boat or ship.

Size: 23" tall

FREE Sea History

Price: 94.95

Canvas Backpack

Very heavy canvas Messenger Style Backpack in navy blue with leather and canvas straps and brass snaps.

Compass rose died onto the cover flap.
Great carry-all for the daily commute.
Size: 15" x 15"
Price: $49.95

Item: IR-1532

Item: RD-1432TL

Item: BT-6538


      Finally back in Stock

USN Navy Chief's Anchor

Our newest item. US Navy Chief's insignia made of brass plate over solid aluminum. A "must have" item for every US Navy Chief's office on land or at sea or for the retired chief's den at home or on his or hers' boat

Measures 18" x 11" wide.
Item: MAL-101

Price: $52.95.

Brass Bell Presentation Plaques
Special bell presentation plaques are now available in your choice of hardwood and brass plates.
Our Solid Brass 6" Bell mounted on a hardwood plaque with engraved brass plate.
$149.95 Complete

Ships Guide Knot Board with Clock and Instruments

Larger size traditional nautical knot board shadowbox with brass trimmed real wood frame with brass corners. Has 26 knots and nautical things and half-hull ship with a small precision clock, hygrometer and thermometer. Size: 16.5 h" x 28" w
Item: W-442 - $109.95

Bosun's Knot Board with Clock and Instruments

Smaller size traditional nautical knot board shadowbox.  Has 11 knots and ship half-hull with a small precision clock, hygrometer, thermometer. Size: 16.5 h" x 28" w
Item: W-443  -  $79.95



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