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We specialize in high quality nautical brass and copper Ship's Lamps, Ship's Bells, Ship's Wheels, Compasses, Instruments, Telescopes,
Tide Clocks, Diver's Helmets,
Nautical Throw Pillows, Nautical Decor, Knot Boards Lighthouses, Pirate Stuff and Portholes
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Maritime Heritage Baked Enamel Tableware


A time honored tradition of baked enameled tableware for everyday use or special occasion inside or outdoors. This stuff is old-school.  Maritime Heritage Nautical themed enameled metal tableware for home, waterside condo, boat, yacht or deck.

Full Set Service for Four
Dinner Plate, Bread Plate, Cereal / Salad Bowl, Short Coffee or Drink Mug. Four of each piece. Twenty pieces total making service for four.

$38.00 - CLOSE OUT

The perfect nautical addition to any space. Lamp base has bands of weathered nautical stripes across the bottom, topped with a matching navy shade with rope detail. Each lamp made to order in the USA. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery,

30.5" Tall x 15" W at the shade
3-Way 100w socket

Item: 14-B7C
Price: $240.95

Cottage Navy Ribbed
Pedestal Table Lamp

Copper Anchor Lamp

Solid copper and brass ships anchor oil lantern with heavy glass Fresnel lens.  The night marker at the top of the center masthead.

PLUS an LED Tap Light Included
so you can light it right out of the box.

Measures: 12" with handle down.

Price $124.95

Brass Bell Presentation Plaques

Solid brass ship's bell mounted on a solid hardwood Red Oak plaque with brass plate. Both Bell and Plate can be engraved with any inscription you would require.  One price for both.
Red Oak Plaque shown here. Click image for details.
12" H x 9-1/2"W

Price: $149.95

Animated Cape Hatteras
Wall Tide Clock

Clock hand indicates the tide level (High & Tide)A fun addition to any room near the ocean. The tide goes up and down corresponding to the high and low tide on the clock.
Full Line of the Tide Clocks
Hand made in the U.S.A.
Price: $159.95

Item: CO-1524

- Item: BPO-1844

Item: TL-397L

- NEW NEW - Vintage Nautical Throw Pillows - (Price Reduced)- Now Only $18.00 ea.
Constructed of a heavy cotton sailcloth style linen with HD printed design in navy blue on off-white. Note: Packed in germ-free clear plastic.
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use or for boat or yacht with hidden zipper to remove inner poly-fiber lining. - Size: 18" x 18"

Yachting Club - Sailing

Item: RDL-150-22 - $18.00

Compass Rose
Item: RDL-150-8 - $18.00

Dual Compass Rose
Item: RDL-150-30 - $18.00

Nautical Navy Blue Stripes
Item: RDL-150-15 - $18.00

Nantucket  Whale Watching
Item: RDL-150-7 - $18.00

Cape Hatters Lighthouse
Item: RDL-150-23 - $18.00

Old Lighthouse - White
Item: RDL-150-19 - $18.00

OLD Lighthouse - Navy
Item: RDL-150-20 - $18.00

Brass Gimbals
Cabin Lamp

Solid Brass very high quality Gimbals Cabin Lamp.

Safe brass wall gimbals mount or hanging cabin lamp burns oil or electric.
Gimbals mount allows the lamp to stay level as the ship rolls.

Measures 10" tall

Price: $159.95

Brass Cabin Lantern

Solid Brass Cabin Lantern in a heavy gage brass with glass sides and chimney.

Styled after lamps used aboard ships for many years.
Easily converted to electric light.

Size: 10" tall

Price: $179.95

Blue Stripe Tin Lighthouse Lamp

Very attractive hand painted blue stripe tin  lighthouse set on a base made of real beach stones collected in the Philippine Islands.
A great nightlight foyer or hallway or in one's bedroom all night. 

15.5" tall x 7" w.

Price:  $64.95

Item: BL-855G

Item: BT-D0857-W

Item: TL-397L


Brass Anchor Lantern
Table Lamp

Solid Brass Ship's Anchor Lamp mounted on a solid Red Oak base. Three (3) position switch allows for Anchor Lamp or top lamp to be turned separately or together. Measures 26" tall. Made in our own shop.

Free Shipping-

Price: $279.95

Anchor Lantern Table Lamp

Solid Copper Ship's Anchor Lantern on a solid Mahogany base. Three (3) position switch allows for Anchor Lamp or top lamp to be turned separately or together. Measures 26" tall. Made in our own shop.

Free Shipping-

Price:  $279.95

Look-Out Lantern Table Lamp

Our very own creation. Solid Copper Look-Out Lamp mounted on a solid mahogany base with 3 position table lamp socket. Hand made by our craftsmen in the U.S.A.
Size: 26" tall
Free Shipping-

Sale: $279.95

Item: BR-1524-TL

Item: CO-1524-TL

Item: CO1525-TL

Barnegat, NJ
Tide Clock

Clock hand indicates the tide level (High, Falling, Rising, and Low Tide). In the animated picture of the lighthouse the tide goes in and out in the picture and corresponding to the high and low tide on the clock.
Hand made in the U.S.A.
Size: 11" Tall
Price: $159.95

Blue Trawler Table Lamp

Our Blue fishing trawler model boat made into a one-of-a-kind table lamp. The model boat is mounted on a solid cherry wood base with brass parts.
Boat is 15" long x 14" high.
Lamp is 26" tall.

Price:  $149.95

Navy and White Buoy Table Lamp

Solid Brass finely crafted seven branch Temple Menorah. Celebrate the Hanukkah season in style. Shipped with 7 white Hanukkah candles.

Measures: 7" Tall

Price: $29.95

Item: TC-Barnegat

Item: MDL-500

Item: BR2291

Captain's Large Knot Board Display

A very handsome display of just about everything important on a traditional sailing ship. Contains 60 knots and other items all with small brass name tags.


Hardwood frame with brass corners and felt backing.

A great piece for every nautical decor at home, office or aboard boat or ship.

Measures: 35.5" wide x 23.5" high.

Item: MW-680

Price: $239.95

Item: MW-680


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