Robin's Dockside Shop is proud to offer special services and discounts to our military organizations and personnel on active duty, national guard or reserve.  Our family and employees are veterans of two branches of the military and we know what it means to serve in peacetime and in war. Therefore we take great pride in our young men and women in uniform.

We get many calls and requests for specific items to be used in ceremonies, or as retirement or class graduation gifts. Many times those requests include engraved words or names on an item or on a brass plate to be attached to an item.  This is something that we enjoy doing.

Please note that engraving takes 3-4 days, and the engraved item (or items) are then shipped directly to the customer.

Therefore, we offer a special 10% discount to all military organizations and personnel on all of our items in Robin's Dockside Shop.  Larger discounts are available for larger quantity requests. To take advantage of this please call us or write an
to us outlining your needs or requirements.  

Below are images that show some of the items bought by, and special work done for, our military over the past few years. This will give you some idea of what can be done for gifts, presentations, and special projects

Ship's Wheel End Tables
Presented to the US Navy Chief's School
San Antonio, Texas

Engraved Bell - Item: BR-1844

Done for NRD New Orleans
(Customer did the plaque)

Engraved "FIRE" Bell
Done for Norfolk, VA Fire Dept.






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