Finally!! September has come. Vacation time is mostly over. Back to work, back to school, back to cooler days and nights. The Fall approaches. However, September usually has many nice warm days that are great for being outside. Back yard parties, wine tasting on the boat, burgers on the grill. Summer is not over just yet. However, we are running a Fall Special with our most popular Copper Anchor Lamp. Plus, cooler temperatures make one want a spot of rum now and then to warm the blood. We have a NEW Rum Locker Lamp for that also. The history and heritage of the United States and many other countries started with nautical. Ships and explorers and fishermen and wind and sail. Keep that heritage with you. Just remember, always be careful whatever you do so that you remain safe to enjoy the Fall season with friends and family no matter where you are.




           Solid Copper Anchor Lamp
                        with electric light kit installed.

Our most popular ship's lantern. Solid pure copper with brass trim now on SALE with an added bonus. Our Electric Light Kit pre-installed with a 25 watt candelabra bulb. The Fresnel Lens magnifies the light so as to be seen many miles at sea.

The Anchor Lamp is named for it's use. A 360 degree white light is required to be lit at the top of the tallest mast or tallest part of every  boat or ship that is anchored in harbor or is under way at sea.

Our Anchor Lamp is machined from a heavy gage copper and requires no maintenance other than to polish it about twice a year. A clear lacquer coating is available for an additional $15.00.

We have noted that many people from India are selling a similar style lamp on other websites. We suggest caution when buying them as they may not be real copper. We have been selling this same lamp for 18 years with no problems or complaints.

Item: CO-1524 - Size: 12" Tall with the handle down.

Sale: $90.95     

Lacquer Coating.
Price: $15.00      

Crew Candle Lantern

Fall is approaching so you might want a nice period style candle lantern outside on porch or patio or indoors.

Iron square candle lantern with four glass sides and metal cage protectors for the glass. Shipped with one Tea-Light candle.
Size: 8" (12" with handle up)

Price:  $14.95 

Item: IR-1532

Rum Locker Candle Lamp

No self respecting ship either sail or motor is without a "Rum Locker".
A small closet in the lower part of the ship where the all important rum is stored in bottles and casks.
Our iron Rum Locker Candle Lamp continues that tradition. Howbeit, one does NOT need to own a ship or boat to have a Rum Locker. Most of the Rum Lockers we know of are in houses and offices. Requires a short votive or pillar candle.
Size: 10.5" Tall with handle down

Price: $24.95

Item: RD-3773

Solid Mahogany and Teak Ship's Wheel End Table with Plate Glass Top

What better place to put your new nautical lantern.
Solid teak 24" ships wheel with brass hub set on a solid mahogany frame.


Table is hand made exclusively for Robin's Dockside Shop in the USA by a local nautical craftsman.

The Plate Glass Top has to be picked up at a local Pier 1 Store by the customer. Pre-Paid by Robin's Dockside Shop.

Measurements: 22.5" tall x 24" wide.
Price: $349.95  - Free Shipping

Item: SH-8763T

Solid Brass General Marine Lantern - SE

Special Edition of our solid brass general marine oil burning lantern.

Replica lantern used in many places on ships during the sailing ship era.

A great lantern for deck or patio during the Fall months.

Can be lacquer coated.

Size: 10.5" Tall

Price: $89.95

Item: BR-15295

Solid Brass Candle Holders

Solid polished brass candle sticks are a welcome addition to any table. The holiday season is approaching. There will be dinners both intimate or large family gatherings.

The tradition of having a simple set of brass candlesticks as a centerpiece is timeless. Set of Two (2)

Size: 6-1/2" Tall.
Price: $15.95

Item: BR-22781

Captain's Table Hurricane Candle Holder

A very handsome solid heavy brass candle holder with glass hurricane globe.

An elegant very stable protected candle stand for the captain's table at home or on his vessel.

Size: 17" Tall

Price: $29.95
Copper Diver's Helmet Clock

The consummate nautical piece for every decor.

Solid heavy copper MK-V style diver's helmet clock with brass trim.

Quartz clock has traditional Roman Numeral hours.
Size: 9" Tall.

Price: $99.95

Item: BR-22482

Item: CO5265

Mayflower Model Ship

What better way to show your maritime heritage that to display a model of the ship that started the American colony and later became the United States of America.

In September 1620 a merchant ship named the Mayflower set sail from Portsmouth England with 103 passengers with a charter from the King of England to start a British colony in the New World.


A replica of the original ship was built in Devon, England in 1956 named the Mayflower II and sailed to America in 1957 and resides today at the State Pier in Plymouth, Mass.

Hand crafted in mixed woods with cloth sails.
Measures: 19.5" long x 16" tall.

Price: $109.85

Item: BK-1501


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