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Things for the Desk or Table

Great decor for your desk or as a gift to a nautical person on your list.



Sailor Girl with Anchor

You sail the 7 seas and come upon a pretty sailor girl looking out to sea. Hand painted poly-stone figurine is perfect for the lonely sailor on your list.
Measures: 10" tall

Price: $21.95

Pelican and Pylon Candle Holder

A very attractive nautical hand painted candle holder with perched pelican on pylons completed by seashells and rope. Holds two tea-light candles. 

Measures: 10" x 5"

Price:  $24.95

Brass Fog Horn

Antique brass Fog Horn with bosuns' chain.  An item reminiscent of the days before automatic electric fog horns. Try to keep this away from your grandchildren.

Measures: 13" x 3.5".

Sale: $39.95

Item: PS-1012


Item: MP-676


Item: BB-1095


Focsle Candle Lamp

Large iron candle lantern for quiet nights up on the bow or Forecastle (Fo'c'sle" of the ship. Lanterns such as these were widely used because they had no glass lens to break if dropped. 
Large size -
17" Tall

Price: $35.95 

Crew Candle Lantern

Iron square candle lantern used by most crew members on every ship afloat.  Four glass sides and metal protectors for the glass. Shipped with one Tea-Light candle.

Size: 8"x12"

Price:  $14.95 

Black Stripe Lighthouse Candle Lamp

Tall tin European style lighthouse candle holder. Hand painted black stripe lighthouse set on a base of real beach pebbles. Gives off plenty of light from top and windows. Uses tall pillar candle.

Measures: 15.5" tall

(Available w/t electric)

Price:  $59.95

Item: IR-15351

Item: IR-1532

Item: TL-396

  Desktop Accessories

Distressed Wood Sailing Ship Bookends

Excellent for every maritime office nautical decor.  Detailed fully rigged ship model with cloth sails on a  distressed hardwood base with brass trim.

Size: 12"x 9" tall 

Price: $55.95

Solid Brass Desk Magnifier

Solid brass highly polished brass desk magnifier. Same style made by the same company for more than 100 years. A standard for every desk and office. Brass polished to look like gold. Size: 4 x 4" tall

Price: $39.95

Brass Desk

Solid highly polished brass desk magnifier. The standard desk magnifier used for centuries aboard ship to read charts or in the office for looking at jewels and fine print. Size: 9" tall

Price: $49.95

Item: RD-60521

Item: BR-4817D

Item: MR-4815A

Solid Brass Bollard Hooks - Large


Great hooks for coat or towels, Bollards are used on most work boats or work boat moorings to tie the ropes around.
Not recommended for marine use.
Size: 6" long x 4" high.
Price: $32.95

 Solid Brass Anchor Letter Holder

The perfect thing for the Captain's Desk.

Solid polished brass fouled anchor on a wood base. Factory lacquer coated.
Size: 7.5" x 5.5" high

Price:  $38.95

Solid Brass Ship's Wheel Letter Holder

Perfect for the First Mates Desk. Brass Ship's Wheel Letter holder Solid polished brass half ship's wheel on a wood base. Factory lacquer coated.
Size: 7.5" x 4.5" high

Price:  $38.95

Item: MB-1258


Item: BW-591


Item: BW-592


Mermaid Bookends Antique White

Cast Iron mermaid Bookends in antique white finish.

Set of two sitting mermaids make excellent bookends for self or desk.

Size: 7.5 Tall x 4.5 W

Price: $48.95

Mermaid Bookends Verdigris

Cast Iron mermaid Bookends in verdigris finish.

Set of two sitting mermaids make excellent bookends for self or desk.

Size: 7.5 Tall x 4.5 W

Price: $48.95

Wood Pylons
With Pelican

A VERY nautical piece of a common sight in many west coast marinas. Three wood pylons tied together with nylon line with a polystone pelican perched on top watching the harbor. Great piece for any nautical decor.
Size: 23.5" High

Price $69.95

Item: MP-676


Item: A-377


Item: WP-06



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