Ship's Captain Bottle Holder.
This old salt commands the best of your collection.
Item: BRK-5780
Capt Farragut Bottle Holder.
Remember '"Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead". Farragut? This is him.

Item: BRK-2070

Pirate Captain Bottle Holder.
Now this old salt won't be lettin' anyone touch yer bottle without his say so.
tem: BRK-9412

Steamship Captain Bottle Holder.
This old boy commands a keen eye for the liquor and will deliver your drinks with a full head of steam.
Item: BRK-9351
Lady Ship's Captain Bottle Holder.
She is the master of the ship and she knows which drinks you'll be needing for the evening. -- Out of Stock
Item: BRK-9481
Master Helmsman Bottle Holder.
An experienced seaman who will guide you to the drinks you need and knows every good bar in port..
Item: BRK-1424

Other items you will be needin' for your bar.

Polished Brass "Rum Locker" Name Plate

Price: $15.95

Solid Brass Liquor Locker Name Plate

Price: $15.95

Item:  BB-1115

Item:  BB-1078

Polished Brass "Pig & Whistle" Name Plate

Price: $15.95


Item:  BB-1116





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Metal Wine / Rum Bottle Holders (Wine Caddies)


These are some of our most precious and comical items. What bar does not need a wine caddy?

Now listen!! Sine you are going to spend many dollars stocking your bar with fine wine and good rum and possibly some 12 year old scotch, you should crown some of your collection with a couple of our metal wine caddy/bottle holders.  Each one is special and can mark your special bottles on the bar.  All of them will excite and please you and your guests.  They are all the same price: $26.95 ea. Choose wisely.